Ben the Ripper
Ben The Ripper -- formerly known as Benjamin Linus Mark V -- was long one of the most mysterious LOST Boarders, posting parody threads, off-topic rants, or the odd vehement opinion shrouded behind a thin veil of angry, profanity-laced humor. Without losing this edge, Benjamin has recently revealed himself to be one of the Board''s most fascinating figures, articulate and well-read, interested in topics from urban British streetwear (a field in which he is a budding and successful young designer) to sophisticated literature to contemporary media (and multimedia) outlets, as well as having wide-ranging and acute tastes in music and film. Blending silliness, sincerity, and sadism in equal measure, Ben represents an integral part of the LOST Board family, one that variously amuses and confounds his fellow posters on a daily basis. In short, if Ben The Ripper didn't exist, surely some pale imitator would have surfaced by now, trying -- in vain -- to invent him.
~Written by themysteriousgrowl