caught_in_a_net, known affectionately as "netty" by many on the LOST board, is a study in subjective natural aesthetics tucked away in a spirited, lower-casing, eastbound music lover. Her screenname is an ambiguity, taken from "Three Minutes," in which Jack speaks the phrase literally to Sawyer, who then interprets it eupemistically -- a fitting sobriquet for netty since she so effortlessly extrapolates (then often interpolates) core dichotomies of human experience: love/lust, humility/tenacity, pragmatism/poeticism, knowledge/epistemology. If it has something to do with the mysterious beauty of the Universes inside and outside of us, then you can count on netty not only to champion and disperse it, but also to embrace it and make a home there herself. If we think of the IMDb Board as the sleeve in the collective consciousness of the LOST universe, caught_in_a_net has proudly pinned her enormous heart to that sleeve, reminding us every day that just because we sit scattered across the globe in front of flashing LCD screens doesn't mean we don't truly connect... and doesn't mean we aren't a genuine family.
~Written by themysteriousgrowl